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SAFEChecks and Frank W. Abagnale

SAFEChecks, “The Check Fraud Specialists” manufactures the finest high security checks in America. We began in 1993 as a division of a Southern California business bank battling an epidemic of check fraud. Check fraud attempts at the bank had skyrocketed from $90,000 to $3,000,000 in just three years. Greg Litster, SAFEChecks' President, was then a Senior Vice President of the bank and assumed responsibility for solving this crisis. At Mr. Litster’s recommendation, the bank hired Frank Abagnale as a consultant.

Mr. Abagnale’s first suggestions were for the bank’s customers to use high security checks and for the bank to use Positive Pay. Reasonably priced high security checks did not exist at that time. Believing that companies of every size needed better protection from check fraud, Mr. Abagnale designed America’s first true high security check, the SAFECheck. Mr. Litster organized the SAFEChecks Division within the bank, and encouraged the bank’s customers to use these new checks. Over the next three years, fraud losses and fraud attempts dropped by 95%.

Mr. Litster acquired the SAFEChecks Division from the bank in 1997, and SAFEChecks has maintained an association with Mr. Abagnale since that time.

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