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"Checks continue to be widely used and abused, and fraud via check payments remains the overwhelming threat faced by companies." "Checks remain the most popular vehicles for criminals committing payments fraud, even though the corporate use of checks has declined." Check fraud causes more financial losses than all other forms of payment fraud combined, rising from 60% in 2012 to 69% in 2013.


In the 2013 Payments Fraud and Control Survey conducted by the Association of Financial Professionals, 61% of the organizations responding confirmed that they had been a victim of payment fraud. The vast majority – 87% – indicated that they were victims of check fraud. All organizations experienced check fraud, whether large or small. Half of the check fraud attempts involved altered payee names, and almost one-third were altered dollar amounts. Such alterations may have been prevented by using high security checks.


High security checks are the first line of defense in preventing check fraud because they discourage criminals from making the attempt. Every loss begins with an attempt -- if you prevent the attempt, you automatically eliminate the loss! High security checks can thwart the attempts that do take place, and they can also help provide legal protection against some check fraud losses. Mr. Frank Abagnale, world-renowned fraud prevention specialist, states: “Prevention is the only viable course of action.”

The Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck has 16 security features and SAFEChecks have 12 security features, including heat sensitive ink, a dual-tone true watermark, and properly worded warning bands. Both are strictly controlled, high security check stock designed by Frank Abagnale, the world’s foremost authority on fraud prevention, and are manufactured exclusively by SAFEChecks.

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