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SAFEChecks offers three standard types of double window envelopes and customized envelopes:

  • Standard #9
  • Standard #10
  • Narrow #10 with wider windows

With a sample of your organization’s check and check writing software output, we can recommend which size would be best. We can also send samples.
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Pressure Seal Equipment

SAFEChecks is an Authorized Distributor for Formax, the industry leader in paper processing equipment. Although Formax manufactures many different types of equipment, we focus on the folder/sealer equipment for pressure seal checks.


Formax has numerous service representatives located throughout the US who can come to your company within a few hours, or the next day, to deal with any service issues that arise. Other companies require you to call into a central office, from where they dispatch a service representative, which may take days.

  • Formax service representatives stock 95% of the parts needed to fix most repairs, so you avoid the delays involved in ordering parts and waiting for parts to arrive.
  • All Formax machines are safety certified, which means they won’t keep running if the machine gets opened accidentally, etc.
  • Formax machines are solid steel throughout, rather than having plastic in some areas. This means they will last longer and need fewer repairs.
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Caution: Although pressure seal documents have some advantages, we do not consider it wise to invest in this type of system unless the organization uses at least 15,000 checks each year. Pressure seal checks have a shelf-life of about one year, and all SAFEChecks or SuperBusinessChecks pressure seal checks are custom made. Making less than about 15,000 at a time is very expensive.

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