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For 27 years, since our founding in 1996, SAFEChecks has NEVER had a check replicated and used in a check fraud scam!

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Combating Check Fraud Across the United States and Canada

Check fraud is the most dominant form of payment fraud in America and produces more losses than all other forms of payment fraud. Every company, organization and individual are at risk. SAFEChecks fully understands the magnitude of this crime. We help countless clients and organizations throughout the entire United States and Canada build the strongest defense possible against check fraud with our fraud prevention products and services.

While no product, program or policy can give 100% protection, our high-security checks, secure check writing software, and Positive Pay software will help you build the most secure defense against check fraud. Our checks are unrivaled in the industry and are designed by Frank W. Abagnale. They feature Secure Ordering Procedures, controlled check stock and have over 16 security features.

Secure Checks You Can Count On

For 27 years, since our founding in 1996, SAFEChecks has NEVER had a check replicated or used in a check fraud scam! When you use our high security checks, you take the first step in check security. We offer secure checks for your personal and business needs. Our most popular high security check is the Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck. The Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck is unmatched in check fraud prevention and has helped our clients create the strongest defense possible against check fraud. We can also provide one-day turnaround on some orders, and all orders are protected by our Secure Ordering Procedures.

Check fraud is the number one type of payment fraud in the United States. Let SAFEChecks be your preferred check vendor. Switching check vendors is incredibly easy. Our trained check fraud prevention advisors will handle the entire process for you! Call (800) 755-2265 or email us at today to get started.

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SuperBusinessCheck - SAFEChecks

SAFEChecks, “The Check Fraud Prevention Specialists” manufactures the finest high security checks in America. We began in 1993 as a division of a Southern California business bank battling an epidemic of check fraud.

Check fraud attempts at the bank had skyrocketed from $90,000 to $3,000,000 in just two years. Greg Litster, SAFEChecks' President, was then a Senior Vice President of the bank and was assigned responsibility for solving this crisis. At Mr. Litster’s recommendation, the bank hired Frank Abagnale as a consultant.

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  • Fraud Happens. Check fraud is the #1 type of payment fraud in America. As a business, you’re already at risk.
  • We’ll help protect you. The Frank Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck is unmatched in fraud protection. Build the strongest defense against payment fraud and get maximum check security.
  • It’s incredibly easy. Switching check vendors is easier than you might think! Call us and get started today.