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SAFEChecks offers Expert Witness and Consulting Services through its Founder and President, Greg Litster. Mr. Litster’s professional background includes 18 years in the banking industry.

In the early 1990s, the business bank at which Mr. Litster worked experienced an epidemic rise in fraudulent checks hitting its corporate customers’ accounts. Check fraud attempts increased from $90,000 to over $3,000,000 in a two year period of time. Many of these counterfeit and altered checks were perfect replicas of customers' authentic checks. Unfortunately, none of the bank’s check vendors, including some of the largest printers in the country, offered a true high-security check that could thwart these crimes and that were reasonably priced to be accessible to companies of any size. Even worse, none of them were even in the process of developing a high security check.

As a Senior Vice President and head of the bank’s Financial Services Division, Mr. Litster established stronger internal controls and helped create fraud prevention products, including a completely new type of check called the SAFECheck.

Security - Features

Mr. Litster organized the SAFEChecks Division within the bank and caused the bank’s customers to use these new SAFEChecks. Over the next three years, fraud losses and fraud attempts dropped by over 95%.

Mr. Litster acquired the SAFEChecks division from the bank in 1997 and has continued expanding in the area of fraud prevention, including the creation of America’s first high security personal check, the Abagnale Supercheck, and the Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck.

With his vast knowledge and expertise in the area of fraud, garnered from his experience in developing safeguards against it, Mr. Litster is well-equipped to provide your organization with Expert Witness and Consulting Services on various types of fraud.