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High Security Personal Checks in Los Angeles and Nationwide

SAFEChecks offers clients in Los Angeles and throughout the United States high security personal checks. Frank Abagnale’s personal SuperCheck is one of the best and safest personal checks. Frank W. Abagnale is one of the world’s most respected authorities on check fraud, identity theft, and secure documents. For more than 35 years he has consulted with and lectured to hundreds of financial institutions, corporations, law enforcement, and government agencies around the world.

More than 14,000 organizations use his check fraud prevention ideas and programs. After spending years designing checks for Fortune 500 companies, Frank decided to design his own personal check. The Supercheck was designed with the customers’ safety in mind.

The Personal Supercheck After years of designing checks for Fortune 500 companies and major banks, I designed the Supercheck to help individual consumers protect their checking accounts. Signature Frank W. Abagnale

The Best High Security Check: The Abagnale Personal Supercheck

SAFEChecks is proud to offer the best high security check to our clients throughout the United States. The Abagnale Personal Supercheck offers the same level of security enjoyed by businesses and municipalities. We proudly offer this secure check to discerning individuals. Designed with over 12 security features, the Abagnale Personal Superchecks is reactive to 85 chemicals, is Check 21 compatible, and is nearly impossible to replicate or to alter without leaving evidence. It is "the check for people with something to lose."

With more than 20 years of experience in fraud prevention, SAFEChecks is known as the check fraud prevention specialists.  We manufacture the finest high security checks in America. Contact us today to get started.

Security Features of the Supercheck:

Styles and Formats:

Supercheck Wallet Single

Supercheck Wallet Single

Supercheck Wallet Duplicate

Supercheck Wallet Duplicate