SAFEChecks hexagon paper and safechecks

Hexagon is a customized-for-SAFEChecks security paper. This tightly controlled paper is manufactured specifically for SAFEChecks in the United States of America by Appvion (formerly Appleton Papers) in the United States.

It is designed with a dual-tone, hexagon-shaped true watermark, thermochromatic ink, and properly worded warning banners. It has excellent toner anchorage for improved bonding of toner to paper, and is reactive to 85 chemicals.

Hexagon is a 28# paper and is stronger than most check stock paper. Stronger paper gives better performance (fewer jams) in the laser printer and in folder-sealer equipment. However, this is not the primary reason SAFEChecks has changed to Hexagon.

Check security is SAFEChecks’ primary concern. Hexagon is unique, and its strength and toner anchorage are superior. Toner anchorage is one of three (3) necessary elements to help prevent altered laser checks. Please see Frank Abagnale’s Fraud Bulletin for check fraud prevention information: Frank Abagnale's Fraud Bulletin

SAFEChecks, “The Check Fraud Prevention Specialists” understands the serious nature and magnitude of check fraud. Because of SAFEChecks' unique foundation in banking, we know the various methods criminals use to commit payment fraud. We have designed specific protocols and security features to thwart these attempts.

While no product, policy, or program can provide 100% protection, SAFEChecks helps organizations and individuals build the strongest possible defense against check fraud. Checks manufactured by SAFEChecks have never been used in a check fraud scam, nor have they ever been replicated.